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the really annoyingthing is they will bitch at the end of the week when i spend most of Saturday in overtime
gee this really came back to bite me in the butt :eek: forget about spending some of the day in overtime on Saturday, i'll be spending all of it in overtime, well unless Jeff sends me home.

the past 2 days have been hell, half the people not showing up and huge trucks :( i worked 11 hours today & almost 12 the day before. I'm suppose to have friday off but i am half expecting the phone to ring at 4am and Jeff say 'nicki can you pleaseeee come in' the people who are on the schedule for tomorrow are the ones that keep not showing up and there is a ton of things to do tomorrow cause we didn't get finished with everything today :eek:

i feel like a zombie. i didn't even know that marat lost till a few hours ago. i was just too tired to care. stilll too tired to care :eek: i don't even know the score

well i'm off to try and sleep. i doubt i will but who knows, there is a first time for everything :p
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