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Something happened after my selective class...

Each class, we have to sign the attending sheet, proving our presence. But of course, MANY people have signed for one another. There are students from other faculties as well. But today, the professor annouced, "Class is over. But all of the Medical students, please wait... We have an important thing to talk about!" We were like :scared: :bolt:

The professor told us that she noticed how some of our signatures, the same person, were different. And some of us were stupid enough to sign for everyone on the list... even that person had withdrew from the course! :eek:

We're BUSTED... SO BUSTED!! :smash:

Thank God, I've never told anyone to sign for me. Okay, maybe once :tape: but I've survived because we sort of having similar signatures.

But 10 people weren't that lucky! The professor said that for now, the punishment (for those who got busted!) would be a D :dog: for this course! :eek: ---- But I don't think she will actually do it. Next week she'll come back and simply say, "Don't you ever do it again!!" That's it! ;)

That's the beauty of being a Med student here... seriously, the Professors adore you! :lol:

:yeah: Paulo def. Arnaud 7-6(5) :eek: 6-4
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