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When was the last time you did something that made you feel really dumb and embarrased? :eek: I can remember the last two.

1) In May 2007, I was giving the Principal and dignitaries' introduction speech at my Senior Banquet (I was Senior Class Vice President) in front of almost 500 people. :eek: . I could do it because I knew I had to speak at our graduation and there would be almost 20,000 people there so this should have been a piece of cake. :) Granted, I was told just 15 minutes before this that I had to speak so I had to write something quickly. I knew I had to thank and acknowledge certain people, like our faculty, present alumni, teachers, and the ones who planned the banquet. During my speech, I said:

"I would like to thank our teachers and especially our parents, without whom we wouldn't be here."

I kept hearing people snickering right after I said that, and I was like, what's so funny. I meant that we should be thankful to our parents for helping us to succeed but they took it as being thankful to our parents for having unprotected sex and having us. :spit:

I honestly didn't mean it like that. :haha: Once I realized what I said, I started laughing and none of us could stop. I giggled my way through the end of speech. :angel:

2) There was this boy who really liked me when we were 9 years old. Of course I hated him because he liked me. He drew me pictures, he stared at me, and wrote me letters and I hated every single minute of it. :eek: In fact for Valentine's Day, I gave him a card that said, "I don't like you; I never liked you; and I never will like you so get over it." I taped a Dum Dum sucker in the card as a consolation gift. :) I'm usually not that mean, but I really didn't like that kid.

Anyway, I had not heard from him until this summer when he found me and my best friend from 4th grade on facebook. He really creeped me out, asking personal questions about my life. And of course we were going to the same college!! :rolleyes: I hoped to never run into him.

Unfortunately, I ran out of luck and saw him at the dining hall during lunch one day in October. He came up to me and spoke, and it was just really creepy. The way he sat was right across from me at another table and he stared at me the WHOLE time. :eek: You would think you would get over a girl after almost 10 years, especially since she never liked you in the first place. Good thing I was eating with a friend because then he definitely would have sat next to me.

After 15 minutes, I looked up at his table and saw he was gone. I yelled, "Yes, he's gone!! Oh my god Christine. That weird guy was watching me this whole time." I then see someone walking by me, and of course!! it's him. :eek: :eek: :eek: He was dumping his tray in the garbage, which was right behind me. Can you even begin to imagine how I felt?? :mad: How embarrasing!! :eek:


Who else has any stories??
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