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The Spunky Mary C was interviewing Andy Roddick perhaps 2 years ago, before the semis of The All England.

Winding up, once again, on the Federer side of the draw ...Andy, in his straight foreward, honest and endearing way ..fielded Mary C's question .."You Guys Have Quite A Rivalry Going There" laughing and exclaiming: "Rivalry! What rivalry? He's beaten me 12 times and I beat him once a long time ago in Montreal!"

At about the same time, we'd watch a kid they named Rafa! "This guy is a BEAST"..we'd say! "They need to start building bigger stadiums for him! He's covering strokes box seats to box seats ..recovering and hitting winners!"

As Rafa was dancing around like a prize fighter before the Aussie final this year, we looked at Roger's face..part amused ..BUT also part in awe of this kid who'd just played the longest match in Aussie history ..bubbling with POWER and ENERGY!

Today..the same question could be asked: 'Quite a rivalry'! But what would Roger say? We are having difficulty believing that Roger thinks HE can beat Rafa. He might outlast him though in the long run.

Some might surmise, more likely, "The King is Dead..Long Live The King"! Dan Kelly
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