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This is mainly for Claudia, but it is a funny story! :)

Phoenix is stationed with Baltimore West Side Tenth and has gained the respect and admiration of his professional colleagues. He has attacked blazes side by side with them — as much as a world-famous Oscar-nominated act can — in situations serious enough that they carried away victims in bodybags. One Friday afternoon, he is in his uniform standing outside the station with another actor from Ladder 49, Balthazar Getty. He is smoking a cigarette when a police car comes screeching to a halt in front of them. "Are you on duty?" a cop yells from the passenger side. Phoenix and Getty look at each other, and reply, "Yeah, sure." "Get in the back," orders the cop. The pair dive into the car and take off.

Baltimore has a reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in the US, and they pull up at a tenement in an ungentrified neighbourhood. The building is already heaving with police. The cop barks, "Come with me," and they follow him up the stairs of the near-derelict high-rise, down to the end of a hallway. They reach the door of the last apartment and a senior officer takes them aside. "OK, someone called in a methamphetamine house, but we can't bust the door down. You can, because the fire call has come in. So break it down."

Phoenix and Getty nod their heads and, without thinking, charge at the door. They lower their shoulders and make a solid contact. Thud! They fly backwards but the door remains unmoved. Phoenix raises his boot and aims a kick at the lock. Thwock! Nothing. Now more frenzied, the pair besiege the door with kicks and shoulder charges. Thhuudd! Thhwwooocckk! The cops look on, a little bewildered. Their unspoken thought bubble reads: "These are the worst two firemen who ever lived."

Finally, Getty turns round, battered and chastened, and shrugs his shoulders, "I'm sorry, but we should tell you that we are just actors."

:haha: :haha: apparently they got in pretty big trouble for this :lol:
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