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Well my birthday didn't turn out to be a complete disaster after all. Nobody of my friends showed up at the party, they already had plans or just didn't want to come. My friend who thought about coming, apparently thought that somebody else was better company than me, cause she didn't show up, she didn't even tell me. And I have to hear such things the next day from my other friend. Cool, that you can feel so appreciated!!!!

At first I really didn't want to go, but then my mum called and made me feel better. So I came in, and everyone was real nice to me!! There were more people in the house who didn't bring any friends (cause the party was announced really late), so I wasn't the only one. I spoke to some friends of them and they were all so friendly... I had fun without my so-called friends anyway :)

And erm... loads of cute guys wished me happy birthday and kissed me :woohoo: :lol: especially Dennis, he really made me feel good :D he's so sweet :hug:

Again, thank you so much everyone :hug: you're the best :yeah:
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