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but if I spend the time typing it up (mainly for vCash), I'm as well putting it on both boards. And I am more of a fan of men's tennis these days anyway so I can put more men's tennis stuff here. This was my first entry yesterday -

(A) I have next to no money :rolleyes:
(B) My boyfriend is working Friday and Saturday yet again :mad:
and (C) I don't feel very well at all. Men have it easy :p
oh, and (D) My boyfriend's mum doesn't like me too much. I just plain loathe her, so we're even.

Anyway as there is vCash to be had in blogging, and if it's good enough for the likes of Avid Merrion, I thought I would start one too :) Not that I would put everything personal going on in a blog . There's too much I wouldn't want people knowing ;)

I don't mind mentioning I went out and got the Six Feet Under Series 5 DVD yesterday though (among other necessities like shoes, hence the no money anymore). SFU was amazing. I miss it already! The writing was SO good -

Ruth: I joined "The Plan".
Claire: Isn't that like a cult or something?
Nate: No, it' one of those '70s self discovery clubs that yell at you and don't let you go to the bathroom for 12 hours, right?
Ruth: [takes out yogurt cup] I think this will do. All right, I'm leaving you without dinner. I'll be back really late.
Claire: This whole concept of mom self-actualizing is making me nauseous.
Nate: You're sure it's that and not the concept of mom pissing in a plastic jar?


Grey's Anatomy is almost filling that void though.

Next Friday will be better though, I'm sure. I am going to see Kaiser Chiefs :D
I am looking forward to it but I actually got the tickets before Arctic Monkeys exploded in the mainstream and if I am honest, I'd rather go see them. I called my blog Topshop Princess as Topshop is VITAL, and because it's one of the many genius Arctic Monkey lyrics


This is a better picture though -

:hearts: So great to see Kylie looking happy and healthy. Loved Kylie since the Neighbours days and I know she will come back with another great album soon :angel: I was actually putting a few Kylie songs on my iPod today and and on iTunes there was a "People also bought....."Spice", The Spice Girls". And I realised it is 10 years next month since Wannabe came out :eek: Where did that time go? :scratch:

Well, at least Green Wing is on tonight. Maybe it is a good Friday after all ;)

"Would you like to put your lips on my rim?" :devil:
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