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After a long time being obsessed to the board, and posting way too much, somewhere in november I had this clear moment and decided posting is not the purpose of life. So I did change my habbit and actually it's only going better and better, definitely less posts from me a day. It was bad to see that even while I had almost stopped posting completely, it still took others quite a while to pass me on the postranking, but... :woohoo: :bounce: I am not the number one poster on this board anymore, coz that felt so bad :p
Sad thing of being online is, that I got less chance to have some useless chats. I still post once in a while, mostly in the Dutch thread and of course a bit about Marco Chiudinelli, as it's great that he is playing again! But to be fair, I don't miss being online so much at all. So this improvement is definitely great! I only miss very few of my chatfriends, coz I am also less on msn, and I hardly see those I really want to chat with :(

Luckily in real life I am getting busier now, getting closer to the end of finishing this school, I realize that I haven't done anything before, and if I want to continue studying, I really have to get my grades a bit better. It's hard to start doing schoolwork when you've never done something before :p

That's about all I have to say about my life now... Those who asked me in some threads if I will ever come back more, I doubt if I will. Maybe on moments I will post a bit more, but it'll never be as before (I hope).

hope everything is fine with you.:)I know how tough it is to quit the habit of getting online too much.But if you try it,you will finally succeed.Its just a matter of time.Good luck!:hug:
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