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I am absolutely obsessed with the thought of Yale.

Student loans are going to KILL me though. I am going to need $69,000 A YEAR? :tape: Just strike me down and consider me dead. But you know it's not that bad. $138,000 to pay off over time after I graduate.. some day. I can do it. Plus who knows, maybe I'll get some scholarships or something!

All I know is that I am absolutely OBSESSED... OBSESSED with Yale. I have to go to Yale for my MBA. If I don't go to Yale, I don't know. I will be crushed. I need to go on a tour.

I'm in love :inlove:

Does this mean my friendship with my friend who went to Harvard is over? :angel:

YALE YALE YALE YALE YALE! I'm already picking my clubs I want to join and I'm looking at apartment and dorm options. I AM OBSESSED.

YALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :inlove: Let me say it a few more time. YALE YALE YALE!

Oh by the way, I got mail from Yale today. Mail from Yale! RHYMES! :inlove: :inlove:
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