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Coaches are famous for thier "YaGotta"s!!

Here a fun only whirlwind pictorial!

YaGotta Be Humble:

Boris Becker was humble at his Tax Evasion hearing a few years back!

Paradorn was always Humble! What happened to Paradorn:

YaGotta Blow Kisses:
Lots of guys and some Gals trying to catch this Sharapova kiss blown!

When all was well..Boris Becker trying to blow one at ex-wife:

Agassi always a big kiss blower:

..And a couple of seniors blowing a deep..heatfelt kiss ('re suckin face!!).

YaGotta Have a Game Face!
Hingis hadda game face..hey..what's that little ..just make-up..I'm sure:

Mac only gets runner up for his game face:

and his GameFace with Air:

The Trophy Winning Game Face of All Time Goes to Herself, Monica Seles:


and still

And with Major Balance:

The Queen's Game Face, ..she's obviously not amused at a streaker who flopped by the Royal Box:

..and thanks to Corbis..for a lot of these and Billy..pretending he's a victim of me advertising ..and his game face:
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