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I know that I'm losing my few fans by not being consistently hilarious in here, but what can ya do? I write for myself. Today I feel like writing about things that make me happy and things that don't.

There are so many things to be happy about. For all the things I bitch and moan about, it doesn't take much to put a smile on my face. Cheesecake? Happy. Cold beer? Happy. A nice jog? Happy. Good bike ride? Happy. Random person saying hello to me? Happy. Making other people laugh? - something I'm awfully good at, for the record - Happy. Hanging out with those who love me? Happy. Family? These days... Happy.

See, I was the kid that NEVER wanted to go home. I'd eat dinner at a friend's house like, 4 times a week. Or not eat dinner, as the case was with some. I think this is how I ended up with the friends that I have back home now. A lot of them have been pretty messed up because, well... you'd have to be to understand me. :p Anyways, my point is that these are people that I've gone through everything through and grew up with. Family is more than just blood. That I'm going to get to share a few more months around these people is the best part of moving home.

As for family in the blood sense... yeah, I'll see them too. Yay! I never enjoyed family time as a kid, so I truly cherish it now. Ohhhh, I'm totally making myself ill here. Regardless, the countdown is on for how many days I need to live at home before my mother and I fight... I say 1. She will most definitely get pissy about something. And I have no tolerance for her being pissy. Hell, it's her fault that I have a big mouth. The difference is that I've got my father's brains to go with it. Hence the fighting.

Moving on, there aren't a whole lot of things in my world that will seriously piss me off. I'm fairly tolerant of how other people are. While I dont' tolerate homophobia, racism, sexism, blah, I have friends who are a bit of all. I just make a point of not discussing those topics around them, and if they come up... those friends understands that they might lose their head ;) Seriously, nobody is perfect and you can't change people. I'm happy to point out character flaws but there is just not sense in getting upset about it or refusing to associate with somebody because of their imperfection. If somebody is a sexist pig but fun to have a beer with so long as we dont' discuss women/men, then what's the big deal? Basically, if you are in with me, you're in for good. I'm unfailingly loyal. People grow apart and what not, but unless you double cross me then I don't drop you. I've been dropped for no good reason before and wouldn't do that to somebody else without good reason ;)

Of course, there are some people who are nice to you but you just don't blend with. I just make a point of boring the piss out of them so that they lose interest in talking to me :D Sadly, some are yet to notice.
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