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  • Stan, the Swiss No. 1 in 3

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One of those rare matches where tennis is going to win either way.

Both Rogie and Stan are talented players with great offensive skills and shotmaking abilities. Stan is more of an power-hitter whereas Rogie's game is more about precision and finesse. Both players have fabulous one-handed backhands, so this will be just some hardcore BH porn.

With the way he's been playing at Monte Carlo, Stan is almost unstoppable, serves well and hits heavy shots from both wings. But Roger has a wide shot repertoire and with that he can prevent Stan from playing like he'd like to.

I wouldn't like to pick a winner here as tennis is going to win either way, this match will be just pure enjoyment. But I say Stan is the favourite. He's been the sharper player this week. He has a bad H2H against Rogie but so he had also against Nole and Rafa whom he beat at AO this year. Stan the Man of 2014 isn't afraid of big names, so he should beat also Rogie tomorrow.

As for who I want to win, I can't decide. I like Stan a lot and would like him to win his first Masters title. But Rogie is still missing the MC title and this may be his last final there. I'll just enjoy this match and have a beer or two.
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