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Who will win?

  • De Schepper in 2

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  • De Schepper in 3

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  • Souza in 2

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  • Souza in 3

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After a bad draw in Tunis where Kenny met the in-form Bolelli (one of the TOP guys in the clay rankings this year and Kenny still had the match on his hands), Kenny is peaking for Roland Garros. After a week of practicing, now he aims to win this Bordeaux CH + making a deep run in Nice. He is playing good clay court tennis lately, with variety and intensity. Souza got very unlucky here. He feels confortable on clay so that should be a good test for De Schepper.

Kenny to win in 2 sets, something like 7-6 6-4 or 6-4 6-3. And remember, don't forget him in Roland Garros. One of the biggest threats for the big guys in First Round. He should make the second week of the French Open like he did in the last European Grand Slam (so, if he made it in the last European Grand Slam, why can't he make it again? If you pass a driving exam and you make it again in 10 months the most likely thing is that you will pass it again). Even Katy Perry is aware of the fact that Kenny is a dark horse in Paris so she decided to write a song for him:

Greetings my friends.
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