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WTAworld is working again

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at least at the moment
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thanx god!!!! finally the wtaworldians will leave this site for us and the silly threads will see its end.
i never thought that i could say this but: God bless Wtaworld:eek:
now hush hush, to your home, pleaseeeee:p
Omg :sad: it dont work now :sad:
It worked for me a minute ago..

What I don't understand is why the heck wtaworldians want to come here to talk about WTA.

It is an ATP board.

There are a number of boards across the web where you can talk about WTA, why come to one of the few decent ones for ATP? It is very irritating to be honest..

I've looked far and wide for an active ATP board, I finally find one, and people come in and talk about Anna!

Sure gotennis or whatever might not be great, but if ALL the WTAWorldians went over there, how would it be any different from coming here?

Please, just consider the fact that this makes no sense whatsoever, when there are lots of wta boards.

There is no need to ruin this one.
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it does work again:

Hi folks

I thought I'd create this announcement to let you all know how things stand at the moment. I see some of you already saying goodbye thinking that this message board will disappear but this is what wta_amanda wrote in the announcement forum :

I just want to state for the record we WILL NOT be pulling the plug on wtaworld or any of the other sites on here. We will continue to support poe, the moderators and this community in anyway we can both now and in the future.

I have emailed Poe to discuss the situation and I'm sure a further announcement will be posted later.

So that's good news I guess and it means that for now WTAWorld can remain your very own little nest.
More news will follow later when my almighty emperor (I'm almightier but shhh) Poe *kissing his feet* will be back.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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