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THIS THREAD SUCKS BECAUSE: (Place X where applies)

[X] This topic did not need a separate thread
[_] Fake account
[_] It asks when and/or will Nadal become #1 in the world
[_] It is a Nadal v Federer thread where making sense is prohibited
[_] It assumes Federer will forever be on top of the tennis world
[X] It is a lame ass troll attempt
[_] It is a “Threaten to leave” thread
[_] It was started by Rafa=FedKilla
[X] It over hypes players that don’t deserve it
[_] It contains the Croatian contingent in a argument either among themselves or with others
[_] It was started by JustCause
[_] Original Posters grammar makes me suspect the post was written by 4 year old
[_] It claims Player X career is over after 1 bad loss
[_] It tries to determine the best player ever (on any surface) for the 200th time
[_] It asks when or if a young player will ever reach their potential after a totally expected loss
[X] It is a serious discussion of a exhibition match
[_] It proclaims a 16-18 year olds career is finished after a couple of first round losses
[_] It has the word Gilbert in the subject line
[_] It discusses doubles when its not a Davis Cup weekend
[_] It is a serious discussion of a clay clowns chances at a clay event or in a individual match against a competent clay player
[_] It is the annual thread where people bitch about clay courters not showing up and embarrassing themselves on grass
[_] LOL Jerry Seinfeld
[_] To much sex talk in this thread
[_] It speculates whether player X is on dope without any evidence
[_] It asks/assumes Safin is finished in tennis after a totally expected few first round loss to the local baker in the first round of small tournament X
[_] Use the damn search engine
[_] It accuses the loser of choking when he did nothing of the sort
[_] It talks about fake injuries and/or fake injury time outs
[_] Cramp is called a injury
[X] It claims females can be competitive with males in any form of tennis
[X] Wrong forum, douche
[X] Attention seeking of cheapest trial
[_] Leurn haw too spel far fook's saiyke
[_] Deivid posted in this thread
[_] Not enough/ too much Federer fawning
[_] Not enough/ too much discussion about the size, shape, texture and mass of Nadal's buttocks
[_] I want to see more Jerry Seinfeld vs. Mistatool arseclowning wars
[X] Users should learn to read before they post
[X] Bandwagoning is a disease, that can be cured.
[X] it says Nalbandian is better than Federer when he wants to.
[ ] it was posted by Hitchhiker
[ ] states in any form that Murray will be #1
[ ] Xrissie thread
[ ] It proclaims that the World Number 1000 has a stellar future because he took a top 20 player to a tiebreak and even broke him once even though the top 50 player was playing like he was warming up and laughing throughout the match and exchanging SMS with his lover during changeovers
[_] It asks who will win the ...<AO/RG/W/USO>... a year (or more) from today.
[_] Has the word cupcake in the subject line.
[_] GlennMirnyi has started trolling in here.
[X] Thread starter has absolutely no idea about match-ups and other basic tennis fundamentals (a la adee-gee)
[_] Fangirls like MarieS posted here
[_] It was BUMPED without any reason by Just Cause.
[X] Someone with men's abs as avatar posted here.
[X] The first post is the only funny post in the whole thread
[almost] This week's leg-humping Sampras thread was brought to you by angiel
[ ] It is the annual bash-the-Americans for not attending Monte Carlo thread
[ ] It is the biannual "When will Roger make the cover of SI?" whine thread from the Fedtards
[X] There are already existing threads discussing this topic or close enough on page 1 of General Messages, but the Original Poster is so self-important and has to have their words noticed, and having them buried deep in someone else's thread simply isn't good enough, so they feel the need to start yet another thread on the subject.
[_] Thread started by poster whose username involves some part of their favorite player. (Rafa's Wedgie, Nalbandian_Feet)
[_] Thread from more than six months ago is bumped to start a war.

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Not even in the most wet Petard´s dreams.

Don´t get me wrong, Pete is great, but FitDave today is simply high class and mortal in attitud and tennis level at the same time.

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OMG some serious replies to this :help: Off Season :p

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If Nalbandian cared and tried, he would win....
He's great retuner and now with the new serve..

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He could beat any of the top 10, on a given day.
Absolute, He is the guy, he would anyone today after he figured out someone's game

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GOAT Nalbandian would triple bagel that Grandad
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