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If 16 or more people are interested, I will run the game. Here is how it works:
1. I come up with a schedule of 55 tournaments (singles only) and you (as the player) commit to 20 of them. There will be 5 different levels of tournaments (Grand Slam, Tennis Masters Cup, Tennis Masters Series, International Series Gold, International Series). You select a real ATP Player to compete in this Fantasy Season.

2. I will randomly select the draw, and then roll dice to see who wins each game in a match (a 1-5 means the server held serve, a 6 means the reciever broke serve) I generally finish each tournament in 2 days, and after you commit to your tournaments, you don't have to do anything but sit back, read the results, and hope luck is with you.

3. I think that the original deadline to sign up should be Saturday August 3rd at 9:00P.M. I will create and pm you (the players) the schedule, and then I expect you (the players) to pm me back your character's personal schedule. If only one person enters a tournament, they will automatically win the event.

4. Here is the point system I will use for rankings:
Grand Slam (4 Events):
Winner: 256
Finalist: 128
Semi-Finalist: 64
Quarter-Finalist: 32
Round of 16: 16
Round of 32: 8

Tennis Masters Cup (Final Event):
Same as Grand Slam except that only the top 1/4 (4 out of 16 or 8 out of 32) players will qualify.

Tennis Masters Series (10 Events):
Winner: 128
Finalist: 64
Semi-Finalist: 32
Quarter-Finalist: 16
Round of 16: 8
Round of 32: 4

International Series Gold (20 Events):
Winner: 64
Finalist: 32
Semi-Finalist: 16
Quarter Finalist: 8
Round of 16: 4
Round of 32: 2

International Series (20 Events):
Winner: 32
Finalist: 16
Semi-Finalist: 8
Quarter-Finalist: 4
Round of 16: 2
Round of 32:1

I don't want to cause too much trouble so I will just post results in the games thread or in General Messages. So anyone interested? Just sign up right here with your player's name.

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Glitter Lucic has registered as Flavio Saretta. Come on PEOPLE!!!! Please join the game, it is almost 0 comittment for you, and it will give me something to do! At least say that you think the idea is stupid if you don't like the game but don't leave me hanging please!!!

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Thanks Rebecca! You don't have to do that much-I will send you the Fantasy Schedule and then you just comitt to 19 events+Tennis Masters Cup (only the top 4 or 8 will be entered). I really hope I get enough people!
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