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I know a lot of chicas here are already fed up with football, but i have to confess i'm pleased to see football until now at least :lol:
I don't watch it usually but i stay informed all the time.. i'm supporting the french team but not that muxh as they are... :ignore: :rolleyes:
More seriously my 2 favourite teams are Argentina and Brazil.. by tradition for Argentina, i used to support them for a long time! even more cause i know how happy could be my Gaston if the argentine team play well ;) and Brazil... only because my favourite player is from there... it's a real pleasure to be able to see him.. the only one matches i watched usually is the one of the Barca, because i can see him... (easy to guess!)

Today was an hard day of work.. 10hours! too much for me, i'm exhausted!
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