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Hey all,
Today I decided to spent a full day behind my computer to write but I fell for the one thing that can happen to you when you work at home...I thought that ANYTHING was more interesting then the job that I had to do. I posted messages on this board (damn board with all it's interesting or funny convo's ;)) I played poker on the internet (I won and from a guy who didn't want to loose from a girl...Take that, arrogant prick!:p ) and at one point I even fell asleep. (I dreamt of...never mind, you never know if he might read this some day...:eek: Luckily he's without internet at the moment though...:lol:)
Eventually I did manage to get some work done but I had a hard time to concentrate. I guess that happens sometime, you can't be all work all the time. But tomorrow I have to do better so no posting, poker or dreams for me!! ;)

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