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The morons have only given me 8 hours this week. How the hell can someone live on 8 hour weeks? It's bloody ludicrous. My hours have been cut for the next fortnight. They've taken me off morning shift and have me elsewhere in 2 4 hour blocks and that's it. I have no idea what I did wrong. I asked why and they made a lamearse excuse that they want me at other pools and they're short staffed at another pool and I'm needed out there.

I understand if they're short staffed, but they surely could have found room for me elsewhere. Morons.

Lucky for them I have another job this week that I picked up. I actually was working late last week ripping up corked tile with a chisel. Physically demanding work that. I'll be painting and doing other stuff all of this week - should be a 40 odd hour week in that job. But if I didn't pick that up, I'd only have a bloody 8 hour week.

It's ridiculous. I'm almost tempted not to work those 8 hours next week. If they're really short staffed, I should take a risk and tell them that I refuse to drive 50 k's to work 4 hours. That's what? $68.80 plus money for fuel. I am going to point that out to them. At the interview, I was promised over 30 hour weeks. Up to 38. I have always done work for them when needed - always stepped up and worked when they wanted me to. And I am being rewarded like crap. If that's my reward for going out of my way for them, then they can go fuck themselves. I'm not being screwed over. I will show them how pissed off I am. I will mention that about fuel and that I also gave up another job to work for them. If they're really short staffed at a busy pool, they won't want to lose me, right? Coz there's obviously no one else they can get to work out there. They're losing 3 staff due to uni. I might ring up my boss and show how pissed off I am. It wasn't long ago I didn't get many hours either and I didn't show how pissed off I am. This time, I will. I'm entitled to it.

I might also try and bluff them saying I can have another job if I want to accept it or bluff them saying I got 38 hours a week in my previous job to give up to work for them.

It's a risk standing up to them like that and it will either have 2 outcomes.

1. I will shoot myself in the foot
2. They will listen and change my hours accordingly (especially if they're worried about being short staffed when most the staff go back to uni within the next month)

Risk worth taking? I think so.

8 hours. That's ridiculous.

The imbecils are lucky I have more work this week or there would be one pissed off employee they have to try and settle down. I am pissed off coz this other work will only last for a week or two. So I want guarantees of work after that and if it means risking my job to do so - so be it.

I mean there's not much difference between 0 hours and 8 hours. Is there? I could find another job with ease elsewhere if I wanted to. Who knows how many hours they have given me the week after next. I know the pool I usually work at I'm not doing anything there for at least 2 weeks so next weeks work may not be any different hour wise. If after next fortnight, when the pool is only open from 6:00am - 7:30am instead of 6:00am to 11:30am, they ask me to work that shift aswell as doing other work in the afternoon, I'm going to say to them that I can't work that early morning shift. I will sacrifice 1.5 hours. Buggered if I'm going to do that for them after they snubbed me. They'll probably give me that shift coz I'm local and I'm going to say I can't do it.

There was a note from my boss asking me to do a backwash on Friday - I looked at the roster and knew I wasn't on so I didn't do one. It's going to need one desperately within the next few days and I'm the only one who knows that system very very well. The boss knows it - but not much. There's some things you have to do and if you don't do it right, it's not a proper backwash. Particularly if you don't do it long enough. If they call me in to do one I will say I'm not available. If they don't give me hours at that pool, I'm not going to go in and run it for them. They can do it themselves and if it means the boss has to drive 40 k's to do it - then so be it. Also if they do it and don't know the system, I'm quietly hoping that the balance tank completely drains and they don't check it and they restart the pump and the pump doesn't get water - the pump burns out. :haha:

There's also something else that will need doing this week and no one knows how to do it but me. Well someone else does who works there occasionally, but she probably won't remember it because she saw me do it once.

Anyway, screw them.

As someone said to me. "They call you up to do all this work for them, but they don't repay you."

P.S - Sorry about my language
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