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Christmas holidays have begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo: :dance: :yippee: :banana: :bounce: :aparty:

My life is ok at the moment. My family are annoying me lately though. But find me a 16 year old girl whose parents dont piss her off ;) My sister has come back from university to spend christmas with us :rolleyes: Yeah i know i should be happy but my sister and i just dont get along. We probaly never will, which is quite sad really :p

Some christmas presents are under the tree!!! How exciting!!!! The best thing is that i don't really know what im getting this year. Every year, i sneak into my mum and dads room and look right at the top of the wardrobes and see what they have bought me. But this year i haven't, so maybe it adds extra excitement :D

Have a nice rest of the week everyone!

:wavey: :smooch:
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