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In hiding.
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Double entry today, two James Morrison songs. Been listening to him a lot, not the most upbeat songs, but I guess that's my general mood these days.

I've been down so low people look at me and they know,
they can tell something is wrong
like I dont belong,
well, staring through a window standing outside there just to happy to care
and I wana be like them but I'll mess it up again,
I tripped them out when God kicked outside everybody's soul.

And I know that it's a wonderful world
But i cant feel it right now,
I thought I was doing well but I just want to cry now,
Well I know that its a wonderful world from the sky down to the sea,
but I can only see when you're here, here with me.

Sometimes I feel so full that it just comes spilling out,
it's uncomfortable to see I give it away so easily,
but if I had someone I would do anything and never never never never let you feel alone
I wont, I wont leave u on your own,
who am I to dream, dreams are for fools, they always let you down.
And I wish that I could make it better,
I'd give anything for you to call me,
Maybe just a little letter
Oh it could start again.
And I kno that it's a wonderful world
When your with me.
I've been twisting and turning,
In a space that's too small.
I've been drawing the line and watching it fall,
You've been closing me in, closing the space in my heart.
Watching us fading and watching it all fall apart.

Well I can't explain why it's not enough, Cause I gave it all to you.
And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now.
Its the better thing to do,
Its time to surrender,
Its been to long pretending.
Theres no use in trying,
When the pieces dont fit anymore, Pieces dont fit here anymore.

You pulled me under,
I had to give in.
Such a beautiful myth,
Thats breaking my skin.
Well i'll hide all the bruises,
I'll hide all the damage thats done.
But I show how Im feeling until all the feeling has gone.

Ooh don't missunderstand,
How I feel.
Cause I've tried, yes I've tried.
But still I don't know why, no I dont know why.
III dont know why...... whyyyyyyyy!
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