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Did I mention that I looove my new bag? My Borg bag was starting to get old so I wanted a new one. Okay, it's not the most cheap bag...but it's not one that the whole world is walking around with :) It's from Crumpler, an Australian company that will also give you 99 years of guarantee :spit: right....

Meet my Wonder Weenie Mallorca :lol:

It's in the colours of the Mallorcan flag (how appropriate for me :lol: ) and it goes with absolutely nothing:haha: so I'm not even going to think about that!

this is the little story of the bag which is printed inside:

Special Fugitive Edition :lol:

Spored in Pixie's Majorcan hideaway, this Skase Case broods with dubious lust to come home and face the music. A true corporate fraudster.

I love it! :bounce: it can hold a lot of my stuff, so that's good!

:yeah: :D :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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