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thanks to aceman :wavey:


Trail (1) vs. Skeen(Q)
Liles vs. Ditty
Fonseca(WC) vs. Zabala(WC)
Soukup vs. Etienne(WC)

Melch(3) vs. Garuolis(Q)
Dasso vs. Rolle (Q)
Adda(Q) vs. Detriviere(Q)
Nefedova(Q) vs. Fröhlich(7)

Rosen(6) vs. Uhlirova
Salvadores vs. Vladulescu
Baker vs. Uberoi
Schnack(WC) vs. Breadmore(4)

De la Torre(5) vs. Jeyaseelan
Mikovic(Q) vs. Mahler
Zguna vs. Lepchenko
Frangulyan vs. Golovin(2)

i think Tatiana will destroy Lolita
and i think she will win the title

by the way, good luck german girls

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Good luck to Sonya and Lolita!
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