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Boris Becker: 19
def. Lendl x7 (Chicago, Wimbledon, Sydney Indoor 86; Wimbledon 88; Wimbledon 89; US Open 89; Stuttgart Indoor 90)
def. Sampras x4 (Stockholm, Singles Championship* 94; Stuttgart Indoor, Singles Championship* 96)
def. Edberg x3 (Sydney Indoor, Stockholm 90; Stockholm 91)
def. Courier x3 (Brussels, Paris Indoor, Singles Championship 92)
def. Wilander (Masters 88)
def. Agassi (Wimbledon 95)

Rafael Nadal: 16
def. Federer x13 (Miami 04; Roland Garros 05; Dubai, Monte Carlo, Rome, Roland Garros 06; Monte Carlo, Roland Garros 07; Monte Carlo, Hamburg, Roland Garros, Wimbledon 08; Madrid 10)
def. Djokovic x3 (Monte Carlo, Rome, Roland Garros 12)

Ivan Lendl: 14
def. McEnroe x11 (Davis Cup, Masters 81; Dallas WCT, Toronto, US Open, Masters 82; San Francisco 83; Roland Garros 84; Forest Hills, World Team Cup, US Open 85)
def. Edberg x2 (Tokyo Indoor 90; Australian Open 91)
def. Borg (Basel 80)

John McEnroe: 11
def. Lendl x5 (Dallas WCT, Masters 83; Philadelphia, Brussels 84; Dallas WCT 89)
def. Borg x4 (Dallas WCT 79; US Open 80; Milan, Wimbledon 81)
def. Connors x2 (Masters 78 [ret.]; San Francisco 82)

Andre Agassi: 10
def. Sampras x5 (Paris Indoor 94; Australian Open, Miami 95; San Jose, Toronto 98)
def. Edberg x2 (Singles Championship 90; Davis Cup 92)
def. Safin (Tennis Masters Cup 00)
def. Kuerten (Los Angeles 01)
def. Hewitt (US Open 02)

Stefan Edberg: 9
def. Lendl x6 (Australian Open 85; Tokyo Indoor 86; Tokyo Indoor 87; Tokyo Outdoor, Masters 89; Wimbledon 90)
def. Sampras x2 (Cincinnati 93; Davis Cup 94 [ret.])
def. Wilander (Masters 88)

Bjorn Borg: 8
def. Connors x6 (Wimbledon, Pepsi Grand Slam 77; Pepsi Grand Slam, Wimbledon 78; Pepsi Grand Slam, Wimbledon 79)
def. Nastase x2 (Stockholm 73; Rome 74)

Novak Djokovic: 8
def. Nadal x5 (Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Rome, Wimbledon 11)
def. Federer x3: (Montreal 07; Australian Open 08; Basel 09)

Michael Chang: 7
def. Edberg x2 (Grand Slam Cup 90; Paris Indoor 91)
def. Sampras x2 (Singles Championship 95; Rome 98)
def. Lendl (Roland Garros 89)
def. Courier (Miami 92)
def. Agassi (Atlanta 95)

Richard Krajicek: 7
def. Sampras x5 (Los Angeles 93; Davis Cup 94; Wimbledon 96; Stuttgart Indoor 97; Stuttgart Indoor 98)
def. Edberg (Tokyo Outdoor 92)
def. Courier (Antwerp 92)

Andy Murray: 7
def. Federer x2 (Cincinnati 06; Dubai 08)
def. Nadal x3 (US Open 08; Rotterdam 09; Toronto 10)
def. Djokovic x2 (Cincinnati 11) [ret.]; Dubai 12)

Pete Sampras: 6
def. Courier x2 (Indianapolis, US Open 92)
def. Agassi x2 (US Open 95; Singles Championship 99)
def. Becker (Indianapolis 91)
def. Safin (Tennis Masters Cup 00)

Roscoe Tanner: 6
def. Connors x3 (Nottingham 75; Wimbledon 76; Rancho Mirage 79)
def. Newcombe (Nottingham 74)
def. Borg (US Open 79)
def. McEnroe (Richmond WCT 83)

Jimmy Connors: 5
def. McEnroe x4 (Wembley 81; Queens, Wimbledon 82; Queens 83)
def. Nastase (Hampton 74)

Jim Courier: 5
def. Edberg x2 (Roland Garros 91; Australian Open 92)
def. Sampras x2 (Roland Garros 94; Rome 97)
def. Agassi (Tokyo Outdoor 95)

Roger Federer: 5
def. Hewitt (Miami 02)
def. Roddick (Tennis Masters Cup 03)
def. Nadal x2 (Madrid 09; World Tour Finals 10)
def. Djokovic (Wimbledon 12)

Goran Ivanisevic: 5
def. Courier x2 (Stuttgart Indoor, Singles Championship 92)
def. Sampras x2 (Rome, Paris Indoor 93)
def. Kuerten (Tennis Masters Cup 01)

Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 5
def. Sampras x2 (World Team Cup, Roland Garros 96)
def. Kuerten x2 (US Open, Tennis Masters Cup 01)
def. Agassi (Roland Garros 95)

Magnus Larsson: 5
def. Sampras x4 (Grand Slam Cup 94; Monte Carlo, Indianapolis, Davis Cup [ret.] 97)
def. Edberg (Monte Carlo 91)

Carlos Moya: 5
def. Hewitt x4 (Monte Carlo, Rome, Cincinnati, Tennis Masters Cup 02)
def. Sampras (Singles Championship 97)

Tom Okker: 5
def. Nastase x5 (Los Angeles, Chicago, Madrid, London 73; Toronto WCT 74)

Sergi Bruguera: 4
def. Sampras x3 (World Team Cup, Roland Garros 93; Miami 97)
def. Agassi (Hamburg 95)

Nikolay Davydenko: 4
def. Nadal x2 (Paris 08 [ret.]; Doha 11)
def. Federer x2 (World Tour Finals 09; Doha 10)

Juan Martin del Potro: 4
def. Nadal (Miami 09)
def. Federer x2 (US Open, World Tour Finals 09)
def. Djokovic (Davis Cup 11) [ret.]

Dominik Hrbaty: 4
def. Kafelnikov (Roland Garros 99)
def. Agassi (Rome 00)
def. Safin (Davis Cup 01)
def. Federer (Cincinnati 04)

Karol Kucera: 4
def. Sampras (Australian Open 98)
def. Agassi x2 (Basel 99; Roland Garros 00)
def. Safin (Davis Cup 01)

Patrick Rafter: 4
def. Sampras x2 (Indianapolis 93; US Open 98)
def. Agassi (Wimbledon 00)
def. Kuerten (Indianapolis 01 [ret.])

Greg Rusedski: 4
def. Sampras (Paris 98)
def. Kuerten (Australian Open 01)
def. Safin (Milan 01)
def. Hewitt (Indianapolis 02)

Marat Safin: 4
def. Hewitt x2 (Hamburg, Paris 02)
def. Roddick (Australian Open 04)
def. Federer (Australian Open 05)

Michael Stich: 4
def. Edberg x2 (Hamburg, Wimbledon 91)
def. Sampras x2 (Singles Championship 93; World Team Cup 94)

Mats Wilander: 4
def. McEnroe x2 (Cincinnati 83; Roland Garros 85)
def. Lendl x2 (Australian Open 83; US Open 88)

*In both cases Sampras lost to Becker in the RR stages and then went on to beat him in the final; the same thing happened against Agassi, himself no. 1 at the time, at the same event in 1999.

Players who beat the world no. 1 4 times in the same year:
Tom Okker (Ilie Nastase, 1973)
Ivan Lendl (John McEnroe, 1982)
Carlos Moya (Lleyton Hewitt, 2002)
Rafael Nadal (Roger Federer, 2006, 2008)
Novak Djokovic (Rafael Nadal, 2011)

Total weeks at no. 1/total losses as no. 1
Roger Federer: 289 weeks/48 losses
Pete Sampras: 286 weeks/69 losses (3 retirements)
Ivan Lendl: 270 weeks/43 losses
Jimmy Connors: 268 weeks/41 losses (4 retirements)
John McEnroe: 170 weeks/34 losses (1 retirement)
Bjorn Borg: 109 weeks/12 losses (1 retirement)
Rafael Nadal: 103 weeks/22 losses (1 retirement)
Andre Agassi: 101 weeks/28 losses (3 retirements)
Lleyton Hewitt: 80 weeks/21 losses
Stefan Edberg: 72 weeks/19 losses
Jim Courier: 58 weeks/21 losses
Novak Djokovic: 52 weeks/12 losses (2 retirements)
Gustavo Kuerten: 43 weeks/17 losses (1 retirement)
Ilie Nastase: 40 weeks/17 losses
Mats Wilander: 20 weeks/5 losses
Andy Roddick: 13 weeks/4 losses
Boris Becker: 12 weeks/4 losses (1 retirement)
Marat Safin: 9 weeks/7 losses
John Newcombe: 8 weeks/2 losses
Juan Carlos Ferrero: 8 weeks/3 losses
Thomas Muster: 6 weeks/3 losses
Marcelo Rios: 6 weeks/2 losses
Yevgeny Kafelnikov: 6 weeks/4 losses
Carlos Moya: 2 weeks/1 loss
Patrick Rafter: 1 week/0 losses

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Poor Federer will never beat this record :lol:
Thanks for these stats Sjengster. :hatoff:
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I'll take my own :hatoff: to Purple Rainbow's #1 thread further down this forum, which proved invaluable for me in making this one.

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I'll take my own :hatoff: to Purple Rainbow's #1 thread further down this forum, which proved invaluable for me in making this one.
You're welcome!
I appreciate this from MTF's most eloquent member.

I've read the list, which is nice, but wonder what we can read into this. Rafa seems the odd one out. 8 wins over one player. Respect!

Marat Safin, 9 weeks as number 1, 7 losses... :rolleyes:

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Wilander, well doesn't he have 5 wins as well.

McEnroe he managed it 3 times and also Lendl twice, when they were number 1 or was John Mac not number 1 in 1983 when Mats beat him 3 times.

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Yes, I don't know why I forgot him - add them in a moment.

Actually, on further checking McEnroe was only no. 1 during one of the three times Wilander beat him in 1983 - the final in Cincinnati. When he beat Mac in the semis of the AO at the end of the year he then went on to win the final against Lendl, who was no. 1 at that moment. So it's only four wins overall, two against Mac and two against Lendl, but I'll include them anyway as they were pretty big matches, three coming in the Slams on three different surfaces, and two of those in finals.

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He should be on the list .. he beat Nadal in Madrid 2009 and London 2010 ;)

Not sure about pre-2004. And Djokovic didn´t beat World No.1 Nadal at the US Open, Nadal was just No.2 :p
You make two very good points, will change now.

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Rafa should be in 2nd place now.

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Nadal 97 weeks as No. 1? Isn't that too low? He is listed as having 103 by Tennis-x. 18/8-08 - 6/7-09 (46 weeks) and 6/6-10 - 4/7-11 (57 weeks).

One has to admire Rafter who didn't lose a single match as number one....

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Great Post! I only can find a couple of mistakes

John McEnroe have 11 match wins vs No. 1, you have to add Masters 1983

And are another players with 4 match winS (Guillermo Vilas, Michael Stich, Sergi Bruguera, Greg Rusedski, Karol Kucera, Patrick Rafter, Nikolay Davydenko and Dominik Hrbaty!)
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