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:lol: It's a Jedi mind trick I've leant from Master Yoda which I'll use on Paulo later ;) :dance:


:eek: I've just finished wasting my time on 6 episodes of Star Wars...

Well, I like the movies but I don't understand why there's no female Jedi?!??!?!!!?? :ras: I mean, us -- female would have greater chance sticking to the good side of the force! :p

R2D2, cute droid he is :awww:

And Luke :inlove: How I wish there are more men like him! :p


:hug: I miss Paulo already...

I got a call from an old friend of mine back in the US...

He was a spoiled little rich kid when we first met! (And he still is :p ) We took a tennis lesson together one summer. Back then, we were worst enemies! :armed: :boxing: I don't know why he always got to my nerve! Such a show-off :ras:

I once hit the ball at him on purpose :tape: during practice match... His revenge? He hid my tennis shoes in the boys' locker room on the championship day!!!!!! I 'pretended' to cry so he gave them back! :eek: That boy has always been EVIL!!! :lol:

BTW, he won the camp championship. I ended up losing in the final. I thought he was going to rag me about it. But instead, he was being real nice to me --- for the first time! Saying sorry and that I should have won... blah blah blah, that kind of sweet stuff :awww:

And we've become friends since...

Oh, and he was the one who gave me the VIP tickets for Thailand Open last year :kiss:

Out of no where, he called to tell me that he's going to visit me next month!! I've never seen him for almost 2 years. We've been in touch but all we have are e-mails and phone calls. I wonder what he looks like... the last time I saw him he was as dreamy, hmmm... almost as dreamy as Paulo --- only with the blonde hair :drool:

Too bad, the guy is so rich that I'm too scared to actually become close with him! I hate associating with rich people... too much drama :p
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