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The WIMBLEDON 'BATTLE OF THE BOARDS' PICK 'EM contest is open for entries at

Qualifiers have already been placed and entries will close at 11.00 GMT / noon UK / 7 am US EDT / 13.00 CET on MONDAY 21 June.

We run these competitions for all of the slams and about half of the Masters events - it works like FITD on here or the ATP Bracket Challenge (so you can enter in a couple of minutes by re-using your picks for either of those contests, though of course there is no ATP BC for slams this year) but with a different scoring system (which balances the effects of rounds a bit more) and a team element - as well as playing for the individual title, you can compete against,,,, etc, to help MTF to win the team title too.

There is also a Hall of Fame and an overall year-round ranking system - your best 7 scores from up to 9 tournaments count, with slam scores allowed to count twice, so you actually end up counting 7 scores from 13.

While anyone who enters will count towards the individual competition, you need at least five entrants for MTF to end up counting as a full team - you usually manage that fairly easily though and you actually won Miami this year.

At Roland Garros, 19 of you collectively came 3rd/15 in the teams league and 2nd in the team KO competition (which both use the same picks but work slightly differently) and both Björki and Deathless Mortal from MTF finished in the individual top 10 out of 347 entrants.

Good luck! :)
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