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Total prize money for this year’s Wimbledon tournament will surpass 25 million pounds ($42 million), an increase of 10.8 percent from 2013.

Organizers said on Tuesday that the men’s and women’s singles champions will each receive 1.76 million pounds ($2.9 million), a 10 percent increase on last year’s top prize won by Andy Murray and Marion Bartoli.

But the main increases are for the early losers, with players who fail to get past the third round receiving prize money worth 12.5 percent more than in 2013.

There is a 12.5% increase in prize money for qualifying bringing the three-year increase for this group to 93%.

At the same time, the Club appreciates the contribution of the other singles players - the last 16 - whose box office appeal plays such an important part in the success of The Championships. For this group of players there is an average increase this year of at least 10%.

Doubles continues to play an important role at The Championships and there is an 8.7% increase in the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Doubles and a 6.1% increase for the Mixed Doubles.

In all, an extra 2.4 million pounds ($4 million) is up for grabs compared to last year.

Prize money pdf. 2013/2014

First Round Losers 2014 - 27,000£ - increase 14.9%

Third Round Losers - 13,500£ - increase 12.5%

Second Round Losers - 6,750£- increase 12.5%

First Round Losers - 3,375£ - increase 12.5%
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