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There are growing fears that Serena Williams may be forced to miss this year's US Open.

Williams, who has won the event three times in the past, trod on some glass and cut her foot not long after her victory at Wimbledon.

The injury, which required a number of stitches, was expected to keep her out for at least three events on the US tour, and now there is a growing body of opinion which predicts she will miss the Grand Slam. If she was fit, it would be hard for anyone to upset the tennis odds and beat her, but she almost certainly won't be 100 per cent.

Clearly a foot injury is debilitating for any sports star and although it's highly unlikely it will do her any long-term damage, it could cause all sorts of short term damage.

Most forms of training will have been almost impossible for Williams over the recent weeks and even if she is physically able to make it to the US Open, she's likely to be rusty and off her game.

The foot problem will have also made it hard to recover from any other knock she may have been carrying prior to the incident. If she was anything other than 100 per cent when she stepped on the glass, then recovering from that original injury would have been even harder.
According to the US Open tennis betting, she's still the clear favourite and there's no doubt she'll want a happy return to Flushing Meadows after last year's run in with a line judge.

However, it remains to be seen whether she will be up to the task.
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