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Will Andre Agassi ever play in Davis Cup?

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What do you think guys?
I think ... not.

McEnroe Focusing On 2006

Photo By Susan Mullane By Richard Pagliaro
There are currently five American men — Roddick, No. 7 Andre Agassi, No. 21 Robby Ginepri, No. 22 Taylor Dent and No. 34 James Blake — ranked in the top 35. Agassi and Roddick both reached Grand Slam finals and have been consistent top 10 performers. Despite the fact he is the only one of the five who has not won a tournament title this year, Dent has advanced to two tournament finals, attained his career-high rank with victories over top 10 opponents including Lleyton Hewitt, Marat Safin and David Nalbandian and may well have the highest upside of any of the young Americans. In recent years, Dent, Blake, Ginepri and Mardy Fish have seen their rankings rise and fall with the changing seasons, surfaces and level of commitment. Asked if Dent, U.S. Open semifinalist Ginepri and U.S. Open quarterfinalist Blake can be consistent top 25 players, McEnroe suggested that's a question that will be answered by their desire and dedication.

"I believe they can (be consistent top 25 players), but I believe they have to continue to do what Robby and James, in particular, are doing, which is work their butts off and stay the course," McEnroe said. "If they think by having a good summer that it's just going to continue without continuing to work hard and being disciplined and dedicated then I don't think it's going to happen. I think the potential is there. I think both Robby and James got wake up calls about how to play and how to use their heads and physical abilities and I think Taylor certainly has the game to consistently be where he is."

:wavey:Andre Agassi forever :wavey:
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I hope he will not play in DC.
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