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Found this in a Facebook group. Found it wildly entertaining.:angel:

Tennis: an intense sport with extremely hot athletes... also the basis of a lot of sexually oriented jokes. Involves a lot of time and traveling but is well worth the effort because of all the crazy-ass people you meet.

Top 28 Reasons to Date a Tennis Player

1. Even when they're not scoring, they're in Love
2. They do it on more than one surface
3. They hit from any angle
4. They grunt when the action heats up
5. They're good with their hands
6. They do it with 2 or 4 people
7. They've got endurance to last 3 hours or longer
8. They wear tiny skirts for easy play
9. They know how to stroke it
10. They do it for unlimited minutes in many different positions
11. They like to be on top of their game
12. They enjoy getting hot and sweaty
13. They work the balls really well
14. They know how to take it up the middle
15. They play the court until they score
16. They use phrases like "cmon!" "lets go!" when the going gets rough, and the occasional "why can't u get it in?!"
17. They sometimes do it against a wall because its faster and harder
18. They know how to wrap a handle
19. They know where the sweet spot is
20. They don't want love..they want to score
21. If they find themselves in a deep hole they can slowly ease their way back out again
22. They love to hit it between the legs
23. If they can't get it in the first time, they always get a second chance
24. It doesn't matter how hard they can hit it, its the accuracy and consistency that conveys a good performance
25. They bend over in order to get ready to play
26. They use vibraters/dampeners all the time.
27. They always warm up before playing.
28. They know how to serve each other.
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