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Why Henman has never won Wimby?

  • If Henman is come he hasn't won Wimby?

    Votes: 4 50.0%
  • what's wrong with Henman at Wimby?

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • GIve me 3 good reasons why Henman hasn't taken Wimby?

    Votes: 3 37.5%
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Call me crazy, but I think he will get there eventually. Of course, I AM biased, cause he's one of my faves, but nevertheless.

He has improved considerably in the last year, but played his worst tennis of the year at Wimbledon (well, maybe not his worst, but pretty close). He even said so himself.

I think the pressure must be getting to him, even though he claims that isn't the case. The British press is just brutal. First they hoist him up as a superman, then they rip him apart. But perhaps more importantly, the pressure he puts himself under in his favorite part of the year is not helping him.
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