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why doesn't Agassi play DC anymore?

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While going through some records yesterday I realized that Agassi's Davis cup record is 30 wins to 5 losses. Which is a great accomplishment, just wondering why he hasn't played DC since 2000?
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It doesn't fit his schedule or what? Just guessing LOL

btw... Happy, Ana? ;) :angel:
Didn't he say he's done his time as far as DC goes. Either way, I don't care :p
Well, Agassi does have a good point on this one; he's now 32, 33 in April, and he's reasoned that it's time to let the younger guys step up and have a chance to play Davis Cup instead. He did observe that it was hardly fair on them to be put in whenever the U.S. are at home, then have to stand aside in an away tie to bring in Agassi as a singles player. Patrick McEnroe's probably happy with that decision, although when he saw the team lose in Roland Garros last September he must have bitterly regretted Agassi's non-participation...

Although now I come to think of it, Agassi has played both Clement and Grosjean, the two main singles players for that tie, once each at Roland Garros. He met Clement in the second round in 99 en route to winning the title and was two points from defeat at 4-5 down in the fourth set, before reeling off the last nine games to win 6-0 in the fifth (Clement tired out and suffered cramps, I believe). And we all know about his infamous collapse against "Seb" in 2001, whether it was Clinton's fault or not.

Combine that with the fact that Santoro has won the only match he has played on clay against Agassi in six meetings (tied at 3-3), and maybe the Americans were better off sticking to Blake and Roddick after all.
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