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I was first one of the haters, I even spit on Tennis Tipping ATP Cup despite a lot of points because I thought it was another boring Exho where players come for money.

Why I hated ATP CUP at first sight :

1) Team selection based on best player ranking with Moldova Georgia or Uruguay playing when Kazakhstan, Portugal or Sweden may have more solid squads.

2) Too many teams and that stupid Best Second qualified when those Seconds have not played same opponents.

3) Individual points given when it is a Team competition.

What I finally found attractive compared to other Team Event.

1) Most players including low ranked players gave their best : Kuzmanov or Ruud even won matches.... and we had some very good fights for a start of a season.
Even doubles were competitive (format allowed teams to include top double players in their squad) and we had some entertaining matches.
Far more interesting than the old fashionned mixed double from Hopman Cup gathering two single players.... (I remember how Ivanovic can be embarrassing in doubles)

2) Event is played in a country on holidays, so there are people even late and on week time.... Which is quite different from Piqué Cup or most of ATP Tour when people fill stands week end time only.

3) Top players are here (of course except Switzerland to protect Laver Cup buisiness) which was not the case last 5 years in Davis Cup.

4) Dead Rubbers are played (compared to Piqué Cup) which is a basic when Best Second can qualify. Scoring a 6/0 6/0 when your opponent withdraw is really unfair. Probably because of ATP points.

To sum up :

Things I hated can be improved.
I really hope ATP, ITF, Kosmos and Laver Cup management can find a deal to organize qualies (for instance the week of Laver Cup) and keep the Final in Australia to have the holiday crowd there or even tennis fans travelling for both ATP Cup and AO.
If we manage to make things clearer (one World Cup instead or 3 Cups) I am pretty sure people can travel to watch it as well as they do for Soccer or Rugby (when Rugby World Cup is a quite young Event and far less competitive than Tennis).

I am curious to meet what the other people here think.
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