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Sometimes I'm a little slow on how things work in life...Take this for example, I had no clue that you could write your own journal here until I happened to read Lee's last night. Stupid? Yes...but I still like to think of myself as ignorant sometimes. :lol: It sounds better then being stupid.
Since this is my first post I'll tell a bit about my life and what is up at the moment. I live in Rotterdam where I also go to college and I'm writing my master thesis as we speak but I won't talk about that since it's boring...
Next to that I try to have as much fun as possible although fun can be overrated at times. Take last saturday for example...I had a party and decided that I was not going to drink much...Never ever decide that because you know you will not going to stand by your promise and I didn't. I ended up drinking way too much and flirting with some people I should not have flirted with. The phone has been ringing ever since because one of them now thinks he has a shot with me when I just had a shot to many. Really.. I was tipsy buddy! That was it, get over it.

Ok, for a first post I rambled enough so I better call it a day now. Maybe I should call this journal 'ramblings about my life.' :p

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