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- Big3 healthy and competitive (we should be thankful and not take it for granted, as i pointed out in another thread.. they only played in the same tournament 3 times per year from 2016 鈥 2018). They might not be at their prime in terms of consistency, but they still set the bar level-wise.

- Upward trajectory of Medvedev, Thiem, Tsitsipas.. will it continue?

- Unknown factors:
can Murray, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Dimitrov, Raonic, Nishikori, Cilic, Andersson, come back to their best?
can Shapovalov, FAA, Sinner continue on their way up?
or will it be Zverev's [email protected]#$ing time, finally?

Andy has steadily improved and will be a factor. Cilic has consistently won 65+% of matches and made QF's of slams and competed.

Potro has always been good when healthy.

Raonic has given top players great fights and mattered immensely in 2016.

Shapo has basically made 3 straight USO 4R's (wrong call against him in '18, defacto 4R in '19 over Andujar) and improved tremendously since then.

Don't see why you'd want to write all these off. And they're just the start.

This is easily the best and most fun field I've ever witnessed.
Nobody is saying they will make slam finals.

They will contend and be great though.

Potro doesn't need to be any worse at all.

Same for Cilic. These guys are in their prime.

Andy could retrn to prime form.

Wawrinka is still a beast. And we're talking about these guys as like 9th-12th best players...

you better get ready for the best year you might ever see.

If you can't appreciate that, you don't deserve tennis IMO.

You even forgot Thiem...

yeah, just relying on Thiem, oh and Tsits, oh and Medvedev, oh and Shapovalov, oh and Big 3 intact, oh and Stan and Murray, oh and Potro and Raonic and Anderson and Nishikori coming back, oh and Khachanov, oh and Zverev, Basilashvili, Monfils, Pouille, CHUNG, etc etc etc...
I'm excited for ao result
Rafa get and break with fo... Also win Rome masters 1000 10 times.... Uso title defense...

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The big three is likely to be winners in Slams also in 2020. But my prediction is that they will not win all four...

My favourite to take his first is Thiem. Why not already in Melbourne? Good finish on hard and no demandind Davis Cup in his body!

Medvedev showed something this year that is interesting, mayby he can be the breaker!?

I still believe in Wawrinka. Love to se Monfils win RG. Doubtful about Zverev before he shows up in a semi or final in a slam and thinking that Tsitsipas needs another year?
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