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Who will win the torrnament??

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Who will win the torrnament??

I hope an italian player (Volandri) :D
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Vamos Mariano y Chucho!
sanguinetti is palying too raizen!i had a picture with him today:)!i want a romanian player or igor:yeah:!
andrei was really sweet today!see blog for informations!
The Romanians have always had bad luck here. Hoping this year will be different. C'mon guys! :bounce:
I want PHM :inlove: to win :)
Oh and i forgot to say :he will ;)
Mara_M said:
sanguinetti is palying too raizen
Yes,this is a great season for Dado...vs Sabau he can win

Potito vs Hanescu is a very difficult match for italian player :rolleyes:
raizen..romanian players willl win:devil:!
dana..not so bad luck cuz pavel&sabau had made semis,pavel won at doubles...hane is doing better and better
Mara_M said:
raizen..romanian players willl win:devil:!
For Sabau is very difficult vs Dado :D

I hate Sabau,today Sanguinetti can to take revenge for you remember this match?? :devil:
Sabau def. Starace 6 0 5 7 5 7 :(
Hope Paulo will win!
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Chucho 8)
Bilbo said:
Hope you're right.
Acasuso...or Hanescu...or Pavel...and I must remember PHM and Monfils...My favourites!
Sanguinetti def. Sabau 64 63

Go Dado!
monfils lost deea!he had an injury!:(!
2: phm
3: pavel
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