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Who is a better returner Agassi or Hewitt

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Agassi :D
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agassi :)
Agassi :) :) :)
I say it is tough to make that call. Currently Agassi has shown the skillz more often. Give Hewitt a couple more years and it may be a close call! Or maybe not!

Good Luck on the Court!
Scott Baker
Well right *now* I would say Hewitt.

At their respective bests, I would say Agassi - Agassi kept a respectable record against Pete when he was in his prime, and Pete was all about the serve.
Close but Hewitt.
It is worth noting that Pete said after the US Open final that Hewitt was a better returner than Agassi now, the best returner he'd ever played.

Of course Pete sings the praises of whoever jsut beat him as such usually, but it was a telling statement.
normally Pete does anything but praise his opponents
more like he says I wasn't feeling too good
IMO they have different styles but I would say Lleyton
Right now it's Lleyton... I never really got too see too much of Andre is his prime so I can't say if at his prime he was better than Lleyton is now :angel:
oh puh-lease!!! are we going to have a serious discussion or just root for our faves? angele how can you say Lleyton if you don't know Agassi's game??? :confused:

while i think Hewitt is an awesome returner -- and he is bec he studied from the best -- Agassi is still the better of the two. he was in his prime and he is now. but i do think that the mantle will eventually pass to Hewitt. Cahill made no secret of the fact that he and his former protege studied tapes of Agassi's game.

like Becca i think that Pete's praises aren't worth squat. anybody who beats him is instantly proclaimed the next coming. it's his way of soothing his huge ego that he didn't lose out to a bottom-feeder. it must be that to beat the Great King Sampras, one has to be Greater than Great. so please, let's not give any credence to his fulsome praises stupid utterings...:eek: :eek: :eek:
TBE - he does do the injury or sickness bit too, but a few times I've heard him shout rave reviews about some guy who just beat him.

Like Gonzales (sp?) being the hardest hitter on the ATP :confused:?

Though he has always praised Hewitt even before hewitt was leading their head to head.... so I tend to take something in what he said there.

However his serve now isn't what it was back in the day, which would make Hewitts return look that much better to him.
I had to pick Agassi because he has the best return since like 10 years... Hewitt is coming up now, and if he can keep his return game winning whole matches (and even titles) for him, then maybe I can change my mind. Agassi´s return of serve got him to great spots everywhere.
tennischick said:
angele how can you say Lleyton if you don't know Agassi's game??? :confused:
:confused: :confused:

I said that right now Lleyton is better cuz in the last while I've seen both Lleyton and Andre play and I think that Lleyton is a better returner. However I wasn't watching tennis when Andre was in his prime so I can't say if at his prime, Agassi was better than Lleyton is now. I really don't see anything wrong with what I said :p
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