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Which weaker era?

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1. Fed era. Just fed and young rafa. djokovic never arrived until 2007/8

Field was ranked in terms of strength

Federer era(03-07) vs Current era(2023)

Federer era field was mainly- Roddick, Safin, Agassi(old), Hewitt, Baghdatis, Gonzalez, Davydenko, Blake, Ferrer, very young Nadal.

2. Current era(2023)- old man Djokovic, & Tsitsipas, Sinner, Rublev, Paul, Shelton,Khachanov, Rune, Ruud, Medvedev, Korda, injured Zverev, injured Nadal, injured Alcaraz

I believe Federer era is still weaker

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Goatovic video ended the debate. Federer hoarded +10 slams between 2003-2007 without any ATG competition. 15 year gap between Sampras and Nadal. Federer spawned into a tennis void.
What ATG competition has "Goatovic" now? Only a very declined Nadal...he is certainly worse now than he was in 2005-07 in the supposed "weak era"

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We are clearly in the weakest era in the history of ATP at the moment. We are in the QF of a slam with only 3 top 10 players left, and one of those top 10 players is absolutely gash (Rublev) who has never won anything over a ATP500.

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Rublev regressing
Tsitsias regressing
Berettini regressing
Medvedev regressing
Zverev injured & regressing
Fritz regressing
Weaklings like Ruud in top 2 XDDDDDD
Felix regressing.
Shapovalov regressing.
Sinner regressing.

^All these guys up there regressing, injuring themselves + their base game is a joke and they have no balls. Weaklings.

Thiem injured & regressing
Alcaraz injured & watch him start regressing in next couple months
Metal Hip Murray
No Fed
No Stan
No Delpo
No seriours players.

Rune and Alcaraz only hope. but dont get your hopes too high. Watch them injure themselves and start regressing.

Its also the main factor why Novak is winning everything no matter how he plays. He can be injured, he can show up on court on 1 leg and he will still win everything. 90% of his success is because of the state of ATP. He's pumping his numbers on some weaklings and it changes nothing when in comes to greatness.

Novak just showing up physically ready to run for 10 hous, push everything, bot some on serve and its enough to win everything everywhere without challange. NOT IMPRESSIVE.

Sport is dead. Best decision ever I stopped watching it. 10 minutes of Djokovic vs Rublev was enough for me to puke when I saw my once beloved sport. Million UEs by rublev, hitting to a Djokovic racket when the court is fully open, Djkovic's pushing and botting and acting. Terrible.

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Nadal isnt ATG all?! outside of clay, never has been for a decade.
What ATG competition has "Goatovic" now? Only a very declined Nadal...he is certainly worse now than he was in 2005-07 in the supposed "weak era"
2005-2008 was the best claydal of all time. Much better than in the supposedly strong era from 2011-2014. 2007-2010 is actually a stronger era than from 2011 onwards. Federer declined, nadal declined, Djokovic didn’t suddenly win everything because of gluten free diet. He did because his 2 biggest rivals got weaker. Also funny that del potro is always the hallmark of that strong era when he actually peaked in 2009…

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The status of this era in the last one year according to Federer fans.

Going into Australian Open 2022 - Medvedev and Zverev are favorites, no Djokovic, Nadal is back from injury - Not a weak era.

Nadal wins Australian Open 2022 - Weak era.

Nadal wins French Open 2022 - Weak era.

Djokovic wins Wimbledon 2022 - Weak era.

Going into US Open 2022 - No Djokovic, Nadal is back from injury - Not a weak era.

Alcaraz wins US Open 2022 - Not a weak era.

Going into Australian Open 2023 - Djokovic is the favorite and advances to semis - Weak era.

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Lol, the era where the 35-year-old is beating up a load of useless mugs.
That's the weak era.
You are forgetting that he does not play like a 35-year old. I would say he is playing like he is in 20s.
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Only people with an agenda (pro Sampras) call Fed's era weak. 2004,05,07,08,09 were all strong with 09 being the strongest in the open era. 06 was relatively weaker but Fed's level was the highest at RG, Wimbledon, USO and the WTF. Thats it.

Second, in every era a younger rival dethrones the old great; this will be the first time in tennis history that its not happening

Third Federer dominated in his primetime like every other great before him, much to the chagrin of the haters of talent. Meanwhile joka is about to vulture more slams in his 30s and post prime than his prime where he was better in every facet of the game.

2011 faker would thrash current faker black n blue. Imagine what that faker would do to this field lol.

Everyone knows the truth. Admitting is another matter.
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