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which tournaments has seb won and when???

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ok i know that seb has won 2 singles tournaments and 2 doubles tournaments right...and i know he won Bercy last year and won a doubles tourney with Kiefer this year but what was the other singles one he won and the other doubles and who was it with?!
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there arent these info on Seb's site?
about double tourney: i think he and arnaud won Lyon last year.
Singles Record: 183 - 124

Singles Titles: 2

Double Titles: 2

Prize Money: $4,037,322
Single title:
2000 Nottingham on grass.
2001 TMS Paris indoor.

Not sure about double.
i did not know he won nottingham...
2000 was a good year for arnaud and seb!
dunno..prolly was on his site can couldnt be stuffed checkin
he won his 2nd doubles title this year
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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