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Which tie will be the most lopsided?

  • Sweden vs India

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  • Thailand vs Indonesia

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  • Peru vs Paraguay

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  • Austria vs Ecuador

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  • another match?

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Which tie will be the most lopsided?

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In which tie do you think the winning team will drop the least sets, or possibly games if they win in straight sets?
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My vote goes for Chile over Pakistan.
The "Pakis" are the weakest team in the WG play off with no player in the top-200. Both their wins in Asia/Oceania group 1 were at home on grass, which is probably their best surface.
This time they play at Santiago on clay, against a team of 2 present or past top-20 players. Count the games, not sets, in this tie.
Let's see some other candidates...

Spain vs Italy
You knew it would be lopsided the moment the Italians chose to host Spain on clay. If that isn't enough, Italy's best player Volandri and US Open quarterfinalist Sanguinetti are missing from the Squadra Azzura.
So now Seppi and Starace are up against Nadal and either Ferrer or Ferrero. Do you fancy their chances to win a single set?
Maybe in the doubles Bracciali and Galimberti have some chance.

Switzerland vs Great Britain
Switzerland has it's strongest side, including mighty Roger who will likely be joined by Wawrinka in singles and Allegro in doubles.
Britain still Tim-less, so Rusedski and Murray will play in singles.
No less inportant... the surface is clay. Could you remind me when Britain won a tie on dirt?

Brazil vs Uruguay
The dispute between the players and the Brazilian federation is dead and buried. The best players are back, and the teams in America group 1 are allready hoping that the draw for 2006 will keep them apart from Brazil. Win over Uruguay, led by no-names like Felder and Cuevas, should be a formality for Mello, Kuerten and co.

Sweden vs India
Swedish tennis is not in good shape at the moment, but Thomas Johansson and Bjorkman should be too good for an Indian team without any decent singles player. Paes & Bhupathi, though, are favorite in doubles, so it may not be a good candidate in this poll.
Grass and the Indian climate could also help the host.

Thailand vs Indonesia
What is Thailand doing in this group 1 survival tie? It should be playing for a place in the WG this time of year!
You would think that Srichaphan and Udomchoke in singles, and Ratiwatana brothers in doubles, shouldn't be challenged by their obscured Indonesian opponents, but I suppose they thught the same before the ties against Pakistan and Japan, which they lost...
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Brazil vs Uruguay will be easy. Brazil wasn't suposed to be on American Group 2. 2005 was a boring year of Davis Cup, with many easy wins.
Peru vs Paraguay can be easier than Brazil's tie. Main players of Paraguay abandoned their country this year (not paying costs) and Peru (with Horna) will pass over, probably without a set loss.
Chile vs Pakistan will also be a easy tie. If Massu and Gonzalez have health problems and cannot play, Chile still are the favorites.
"Switzerland vs Great Britain
No less inportant... the surface is clay. Could you remind me when Britain won a tie on dirt?"

Excuse me: Britain beat Ecuador in Ecuador on clay a couple of years back. Both Tim & Greg won their rubbers against the Lappenti's.

Murray has grown up on clay in Spain. They might not stand a chance against Roger but don't count them out. :yeah:
The Ratiwatana brothers suck now in doubles. They no longer seem to be as good as they were last year. Pakistan vs Chile are the most lop-sided but Aisam is a decent doubles player and maybe they can win the doubles point if his doubles partner plays well too. As for Sanguinetti, I think he is more vulnerable on clay than either Starace or Seppi.
And the winner is...

As most have predicted, Chile beat Pakistan by straight sets and lost just 21 games (14 in live rubbers).
Peru vs Paraguay was a close second, also in straight sets but the Paraguayans managed to win 32 games (21 in live rubbers).
Great Britain avoided the embarrasment of losing in straight sets to Switzerland as Murray and Rusedski managed to win a set in the doubles.
Remarkably, these were the only 3 ties which were decided after 3 rubbers.
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