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who will be the better player? (Slams and other major titles)

  • Andy Roddick

    Votes: 47 48.0%
  • James Blake

    Votes: 21 21.4%
  • Taylor Dent

    Votes: 3 3.1%
  • somebody else (Ginepri, Kim, Morrison, and so on...)

    Votes: 3 3.1%
  • international competition is too tough, and all these players will only have less than expected resu

    Votes: 24 24.5%

Which American young player will end up having a better career?

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Blake latest victory in Washington made lots of people jump in his bandwagon, but will he be the most accomplished American player 10 years from now?
or do you think Andy has a better shot in Slams and other Masters and major tournaments?
Does anybody think that Taylor Dent is at the brink of a major breakthrough?
or maybe out of the unheralded ones, like Alex Kim, Jeff Morrison, Mardy Fish, Robby Ginepri and others, a great champion will come out...what do you think?
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what a tough topic!!!!!!! can't you make it easier? :p

OK, lemme try to be objective. i want for James to accomplish great things but it won't be for another couple of years as there are still weaknesses in his game that he has to correct. but he is a fast learner and is doing better at constructing his points cleverly. will his skinny legs hold up is the question :eek:

i don't care what Andy achieves but i think he will do well if he remains injury-free. but given the way the launches himself into the ball and trips over his feet, i don't think he'll be around for a long career. he'll be in traction too often for that.

Ginepri? hewitt made him look like a beginner. i have no faith -- altho' he is young and i shouldn't write him off.

Morrisson seems to lack the killer instinct required for greatness. he's just too damned sweet.

Denthead is an idiot with a big serve. he won't deliver IMO, Newport notwithstanding.

Alex Kim -- well he beat Kafelnikov in Australia (?) and what has he done since? he plays a regular baseline game but he needs more than that to win these days. not enuf weapons.

Mardy Fish i don't know. i think Pat Mac is right to give him some Davis Cup exposure; there's talent there.

i guess in the end i vote for James. then again i may just be hopelessly biased...:p :p
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I would have to go with Andy, even though I want to say James.

As long as Andy's body doesn't break down of course, he will keep improving likely, and start to play a bit smarter.

There is always the chance of course that he will peak really young, as some players do, and then be a top 20 floater or whatever.

I'm not sure about James. I would love for him to get into the top 10 and win slams, but I haven't seen enough of him to judge.

It is hard for me to compare him and Andy, because one is apparently an early bloomer, while the other hasn't quite hit his stride yet but is getting there.
Blake is not bad but i think that he has still to grow up but Roddick is better :wavey:
Its really though to chose between Andy and James. The others are not in the same league.
Since the two players are on totally different states of maturity in their games, its not really fair to compare them. Roddick is more developed, and compared to James he is already experient.
Blake has a good game, but we cant say just now what he will do. Maybe in an year we can have a more precise opinion, since James would have had a whole year of maturated tennis to show us what he´s made of.
Right now, I cant not pick Andy.
I think the only ones to have a decent career will be Roddick and Blake. I haven't seen anything that impressive from Dent and the others.

From this two, I think Roddick will have the better career. He won't get to number 1 (IMO) and could get broken by injuries, but I think he'll be in the top 10 for a long time and could win a couple of Slams.

Blake, he could win some titles, but top 15 is the best I forsee him.
Roddick. That's an easy choice. But I think James Blake could push the top ten someday.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Paul Annacone on the radio the other day talking about how Taylor Dent had the most talent and the biggest upside of any of the young Americans! :eek: I hope Dent can deliver. But I see him as all serve and not much else. I do have very high hopes for Roddick, even though he hasn't stepped up this year. And I high hopes for Blake.

The situation is far worse for American girls! :eek:
Never fear cat, if push comes to shove you guys will just buy some Russians :kiss:
Andy will win many Grand Slams,i'm pretty sure of that.i doubt about Blake and Dent to win a Major but they still can stay in top 20 and play some good tennis.i hope my fave babe Brandon Evans will have a great career! :kiss:
I have 2 say Andy
I think Andy Roddick might be just a tad too flashy for his own good. He's a solid player, no doubt there, but I have a feeling James Blake will be more successful.
Mardy or Robby!! Time will tell!!
I can't say Andy......he will get injured at some stage in the future.
James will keep improving ...and You'll see he's gonna end up having better results than Andy
I think Mardy Fish will be a late bloomer. What about that guy who beat Haas in LA? I've been hearing good things about him.
I think Andy Roddick.
the cat said:
I couldn't believe it when I heard Paul Annacone on the radio the other day talking about how Taylor Dent had the most talent and the biggest upside of any of the young Americans! :eek: I hope Dent can deliver. But I see him as all serve and not much else.
that's bec Denthead's game is the most similar to Sampras whom he tries to emulate and for whom he is occasionally a hitting partner. so Annacone is a tad biased on this one.
Dent is more than a serve, you havent seen him play if thats your opinion.
As someone said: "Like a small Rafter in the makings".
I dont belive Dent will be amazing, but i think he will win about 10 titles & might braek the top 10.
Anyways, almost everyone who voted Blake are very biased.
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