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Where does Rogie go from here?

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Dubai? Indian Wells?
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Tough loss, but he played at 25%, that was tough to watch if you were a Fed fan...his month off is February, he'll get an extended rest now I guess...
His hotel mini-bar.
doing exhibition for money like in december
He should rest until Dubai, but I think he will include Rotterdam or Davis Cup in his schedule. He did the same when he lose early in Wimbledon 2013.
He'll go and have a practice match with one of his twin daughters where she will play the match of her life.

Prediction: Myla Rose Federer def. R. Federer 6-4 6-7(9) 6-7(3) 6-3 6-4
I'm wondering if Dubai 2/23-3/1 or Davis Cup vs. Belgium 3/6-8 or wait until Indian Wells the weeks of 3/9-15 and 3/16-22?
Well it's an odd-numbered year so he'll do badly in 2015, but he'll come back in 2016, win his 18th slam, compete at the Olympics and then retire.
He should hook up with Eugenie to make him feel like a man again.
Hopefully retirement. He shouldn't waste his time giving publicity to these rigged events anymore.
I feel like Dubai, Davis Cup, Indian Wells, and Miami seems like too much, but he should be off again until Monte Carlo or Madrid.
Hopefully to retirement.
I'm thinking among Dubai, Indian Wells, and Miami he'll win 1 title. If he plays Davis Cup he can beat the Belgian players.
Well the SF streak at the AO couldn't last forever. However, it ending to Seppi doesn't sit well with me.
The replies here :haha:

Problem is no one knows how to fix his fh, was subpar today like service. He's obviously done with Slams and should focus on coming to good form for clay to gain a few points.
1 - 20 of 82 Posts
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