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Hi all,

I've recently become interested in wanting to purchase DVD's of old matches of the ATP tour, Grand Slam finals, 1000 masters finals, world tour finals etc. This is obviously a strong contender for the greatest era ever of men's tennis, and I suspect it will be a well sought after era (in terms wanting footage) when its all said and done, so I would like to build up a collection of it now.

Currently I'm a big collector of full match DVD's of football, i.e. all 52 games of the 1990, 1994 World Cups etc, full matches of old European cup/Champions League finals etc. I'm a student of the game and love learning about the history of it wanted to see different players in their prime. Now there is a website run by a guy called FOOTBALL DVDS - OLD FOOTBALL DVDS for Football (and has something like 46000 matches!).

I wanting to know if there is an equivalent with regards to Mens tennis? I looked at ebay and for example

Nadal vs Federer 2009 AO final - (£300/$400)
Federer vs Roddick 2006 USO final - (£150/$200)

So as you can see purchasing old matches, seems like a nigh impossible task off ebay, apart watching them on Youtube is there anyway of obtaining full matches of the ATP tour (1000 masters finals/Grand Slam finals) from 2003-2018?
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