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Me, i have 5 cats and counting. Actually, four of them live with my parents, but I still consider them mine.

We got the first one, Duff, after our dog died when, I think, I was 12. Soon after, we got our second one, Dizzy, because my brother Kevin originally wanted Dizzy but settled on Duff, then later the original owners found Dizzy again (she had a tendency to wander off).

We got the third and fourth ones, Taz and Bandit (that's where I get my sign-in name), from outside when i was about 14. My Dad (who used to always claim to hate cats), feeds the outside cats that wander in and settle on our property. They were born in a litter of four or five, but the whole family got sick. The mother died and then the kittens died.

We started taking care of Taz and Bandit when they were less than a month old. They could eat hard food by then, but they were still used to nursing. I remember, when I fed them milk, instead of lapping it up, they'd slurp it and get milk all over their chins and they still had sort of a bare ring around their mouths from nursing. At first, we'd take them in during the day, and then kick them out because my Dad said that we already had enough cats. But then, one day it was raining really hard and we didn't have the heart to put them outside. Ever since then, they became mainly house cats. They looked hilarious when they were kittens. They had these giant ears, these little heads, and these big baloony stomachs (i spoiled them and fed them evaporated milk. I'm also the one that started giving the cats filtered water). Their ears were almost as big as they are now, but they've grown into them and they don't quite look like little balls anymore.

Now, the fifth one is going to be mine. I had to abruptly move out of my apartment because of roommate troubles so I've been living at home until I can find a place of my own ( want to buy a trailer instead of renting). well, another one of the strays that my Dad's been feeding had 3 kittens. They were all gray tabbys and looked nothing like her (who was Siamese looking). She was a rotten mother. She nursed them when they were really little, but didn't spend any time with them and abandoned them when they were only about 2.5 months old. One was healthy and the other two were sick. One died of sickness pretty early on. That one used to lay around a lot when the other two were playing. It was pretty sad when it died because we were sure that it was turning around and was going to get better (it started moving around more).

The other two lived in the garage. One had a cold and the other one was healthy. The healthy one was fairly tame and would let you pet it if there was food around. The sick one was rather timid and would run away if you got close to it. One day, the healthy one just disappeared. The other one got so lonely, that it actually started going up to us and letting us pet it. Now, she's so hungry for attention that she meows all the time when people don't pet her.

Well, now that it's tame, I've started taking care of it. Every day, I take it in, clean it's eyes and nose, and give it some cold medicine. (Duff was mildly sick and she refused to take the medicine so there's some left over) The first day I took it in, it was so bad that I had to pull apart it's eyelids with my fingers because there was so much gunk gluing its eye together. She really needs a bath, but I don't want to give one to her because it's cold out and my parents don't want another one in the house. I feel terrible making her stay all by herself outside in the cold garage. Anyway, I've named her Sveta and I plan to take her when i find a place to move into.

as for the "and counting", I've always felt that pets would be happier in pairs so they have a playmate for when their human isn't around, so I plan to get a second cat when I move. If it's male, I'll name it either Zoltan or Vakhtung, if it's a female I think I'm going to name it Mekare.

btw, who says cats are too independent and aloof. Every single one of our cats love getting attention all the time and always show affection. Bandit constantly sits in my lap if I'm sitting or on my chest if i'm laying. And if we don't pay attention to them, they force us to pet them (Bandit pushes her head into your hand, Duff just won't leave you alone and meows really loud, Dizzy kneads with her paws, and Taz just makes a lot of noise). In fact, I think the cats get jealous. Each time I've had Sveta in the house, Bandit runs away when i tried to pet her and I had to change into my pyjamas because when she jumped into my lap, she jumped off and ran away when she smelled another cat. The worst problem is with Dizzy. I think for a while, I wasn't paying enough attention to her and spent too much time with the other cats, so she peed on my sweatshirt to, I think, "mark her territory".

Wow, that's a long post. So what are your pet stories?

p.s. the "cat hater" is now the most protective of the cats and spoils them as much as I did. They still get filtered water and always have four different kinds of dry cat food. That, in addition to scraps of meat from the table and a can of wet cat food divided among them as a morning treat - none of them like cat treats for some reason. There's also several cat rugs for them to lay on all over the house. And my Dad is always looking for things to give to the outside cats and he talks to the inside cats affectionately. When we let them out, if they get too close to the street, he gets scared and runs after them, brings them inside, and scolds them.
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