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I have just read that WTAworld might vanish because WTAstarz is abandoned. :sad:

Now, what about this page ? Obviously ATPworld IS ATPstarz, because when I click on ATPstarz I only get back to this page. :confused:

I must admit that this is the first time I tried to reach ATPstarz. Has it always been like that ? Or is ATPstarz also abandoned ?

Can anyone clarify, please ?

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Well, I hope Poe doesnt mind me doing so, but I'll copy the post in question from wtaworld, in case you guys cant get on there to read it for yourselves:

"ok here's the deal

it appears that the network has been abandoned

if you haven't noticed, wtastarz hosts

I have not had any contact with anybody from that network in over a month now. All of my emails have gone unanswered.

Against my better judgement I have decided to open the board and allow it to continue until they pull the whole thing off their servers. I have no idea if they will do that, and I have no idea when.

Therefore, any day, at any time, expect this site to possibly vanish without warning, until I hear differently from somebody (in which case, of course i will let you know)

If the site does vanish, at this time I personally have no plans to relocate somewhere else and start from scratch with a new database. Maybe some day down the road I will start it again but right now that doesn't seem likely. After running it for a year I just don't have the motivation anymore and my personal interest in the WTA has waned considerably.

Anyway I apologize to all the members who have been with us from the beginning, and those of you who have joined recently. It looks like the site has finally run its course. I am sure, just as we took over when Sanex went down, that somebody else will take over when we're gone. "
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