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scythe19pro said:
I like your idea about rewards with vcash for winning PAWs, although I never won a PAW title. :)
I think there's a slight chance for this to some vcash for let's say top tenners of each PAWs or/and PREDICT THE SCOREs.....but not giving new vcash but all the "collected" from good repping...I know it sounds crazy or unpractical, but I find it a good idea :rolls: (maybe it's impossible to do so :shrug: )
maybe the rest of vcash charged for each rep v$0,70, should be given to a specific moderator, who will have the ability to give prizes to those PAW or PTS (or whichever popular game there is, PBP is not as popular :p as the rest)

Just an idea :D

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Well kids...guess there's been enough complaining...

gravity's blog said:
vCash Reward Scheme Changes:
Penalty for a deleted thread increased from $50 to $99
Penalty for a deleted post increased from $6 to $9.99
Rewards for posting in your blog can now be earned every 12 hours (was 24 hours previously)
Charges for sending user reputations abolished
Yep, looks like when they install the upgrade today...the $1.29 charge will fade away. Rats. I kinda liked it. Made them meaningful.

Other changes seem quite reasonable.

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I have another question.

How much do I get when people reply to my thread?:confused:
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