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What I am thinking, tizzies my mind
What I am saying, will never bind
What I am doing, is not by design

What I am seeing, who the f*ck will find,
What I am feeling, is confused, and opined
What I am worrying, is the ethics and values on decline,
What I am hating, is the evil in mankind,

What I am writing, does not rhyme
What I am drawing, you better not undermine,
What I am working, is routine and grind

What I am eating, is cruelty free and kind
What I am drinking, is pure h20 with vitamine,
What I am playing, never makes headline

staring at the fan, wanders my mind,
as I lose my creativity and whine,

lack of vegan singles leaves me totally resigned :(
and so why am I worried about my waistline? :p

butchering animals is a heinous crime,
drinking moonshine, will cause trouble & decline,

Why do I always want to be in midst of buzz and grapevine?
after a hard days work, I just want to freakin unwind

In the end I would like to say:
don't pay attention to what I write,
coz it will screw your mind ;)
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