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Hey! The FO is coming up and I thought that I should maybe try to get some more vcash as I might want to do some vbetting so here goes a new entry...

At the moment I am seriously sleepy. I dont feel like I ever get enough sleep. I got up at like 11:00 this morning, but I was awake earlier than that and was just kind of drifting in and out of sleep. Supposdly the Hamburg draw is out but im too lazy to go check, besides Im sure that it will be awful. Once again its a Rafa/Fed final...good stuff, Im actually kinda excited for it...Yesterday I saw the Fed/ Almagro match and I have to say that Nicolas is fun to watch. I was expecting to not like him because of his attitude and all that stuff, but hes enjoyable and his backhand is pretty sweet too. Besides you cant help who u like, I mean I started out really disliking Ivan Ljubicic but everytime I watched him play I liked it, and I found myself even kind of liking his personality. So I decided to just succumb and admit that I liked him. (happy now Peta?)

Anyway I was randomly searching Amazon and I saw this featured book. It looked mildly amusing so I decided to click on it.
Heres a review:

From Publishers Weekly
Folk legends of the changeling serve as a touchstone for Donohue's haunting debut, set vaguely in the American northeast, about the maturation of a young man troubled by questions of identity. At age seven, Henry Day is kidnapped by hobgoblins and replaced by a look-alike impostor. In alternating chapters, each Henry relates the tale of how he adjusts to his new situation. Human Henry learns to run with his hobgoblin pack, who never age but rarely seem more fey than a gang of runaway teens. Hobgoblin Henry develops his uncanny talent for mimicry into a music career and settles into an otherwise unremarkable human life. Neither Henry feels entirely comfortable with his existence, and the pathos of their losses influences all of their relationships and experiences. Inevitably, their struggles to retrieve their increasingly forgotten pasts put them on paths that intersect decades later. Donohue keeps the fantasy as understated as the emotions of his characters, while they work through their respective growing pains. The result is an impressive novel of outsiders whose feelings of alienation are more natural than supernatural. (May)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Its an interesting premise and all the ppl who reviewed it seemed to like it and gave it at least four stars.

Heres the link:

Anyway thats it for me...bye for now.
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