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This post is modeled somewhat after the show What Not to Wear and is based on my own fashion experiences. Over the years, I've learned what works and does not work for me.

I love high heels. They make me feel powerful, sexy, and feminine. I remember practicing my vamp walk in my mom's gray pair when I was eleven or twelve years old. Back then, I looked like I was trying to stamp out a fly, but by the time I entered high school, I wore them confidently. Although the ball of my right heel does not like it when I wear them, I'm not going to stop.

I love short skirts and dresses. True enough, they're not as fashion forward as they were back, say, five or ten years ago. Because I have sorta nice legs, I like showing them off. I really don't like the longer-length skirts and dresses they have out right now because they look so "prim and proper." If I do wear a long skirt, I pair it with a blouse that tapers in slightly. No point in hiding everything, right?

And lastly, I love know, the ones that cost a fortune. No way am I paying that much, but a good purse is the perfect finish to a great least that's the way I see it. Currently, I'm looking for a satchel-type purse to carry my students' homework assignments, pens, pencils, and agenda book, as well as my homework assignments for seminar class.

As for accessories, I prefer hooped earrings. I'm OK with the dainty earrings for an initial piercing, but after's all hoops, baby. I don't like doorknockers because they scream ho; I don't like those horrid red and purple earrings; they have flea market written all over 'em. And I don't like the earrings that look like decorations for a Christmas tree. I also like hats. I like them really, but I haven't worn one in years. Sometimes, I have a hard time picking out one that I really like or one I can really wear without looking pretentious. I have a friend in the hat business; I can look to her for advice on this....

As you can probably tell, my fashion tastes lean toward classic/dramatic pieces...stuff from the 30s and 40s.

My fashion wish list for this year:

a knee-length trench in chocolate brown or navy (all-weather)
capris (for both work and play)
brown calf-length boots
PDA (perhaps get one as a b-day gift)

When my income tax comes back, I'll buy some of these things. Until then.....
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