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This is one of my favorite shows on television. Right now, I'm watching Stacy and Clinton work with two resistant sisters who believe that fashion does not become them; however, they're missing the point.

Stacy and Clinton want them to cultivate a more modern style, as opposed to the frumpy frocks they wear every day. It's amusing watching these two sisters fuss over something that is so simple for most of the rest of us. As I watch them shop, it's apparent that these sisters don't know the difference between fashion and style, and they've never been shown-hence, the resistance to change.

It's going to be interesting watching these sisters come to the reality that their current look is not conducive to their success in the real world. Jeans and t-shirt are OK when relaxing but not when going out on the town or conducting business meetings. In the latter case, it would be harder for someone to take me seriously if I showed up to a meeting dressed this way.

I hope, by the end of the show, that they get enlightened about the true purpose of clothing. And right now they don't seem too open to the idea of change.
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